How to Buy Steroids with BTC

Generally speaking steroids can be purchased from the traditional outlets paying the applicable conventional currency. Now, in the case you buy the products online then you can pay through bank transfer, debit or credit card. In all these payment modes the systems are centralized and your identity may be disclosed. Recently BTC (Bitcoins) that is a decentralized cryptocurrency can be used so that transactions may take place between two parties where there will be no intermediary or a financial institution. Bitcoins are traded from one personal wallet to the other where wallet means a small personal database that is stored in computers, smart phone, tablet or in the cloud. The transaction so carried out remains entirely anonymous.


The moment you have installed a bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile device the first biotin address will be generated and you can create more whenever you need another one. A transaction of value between two addresses that get included and digitally sign transaction is a mathematical proof that it is valid. A secret piece of data called seed is used to sign a transaction. You will find today that many companies accept this mode of transaction. It provides the required security as far as payment mode is concerned because the transaction remains anonymous. This currency is widely used and it is accepted across platforms. You can buy bitcoins using the debit or credit cards. You also can make some saving when you use this currency because you get the discounts.

The Process

Firstly, you have to carry out an online study to find out which companies accept this currency. You have to use the bitcoin wallet in your computer or mobile phone and it has been found that the most popular wallets include Blockchain and Coinbase. You can exchange money over a definite exchange rate or buy from the seller or use your wallet. You must be aware of the fact that the value of BTC changes over time. The BTC wallet needs a pass code. It is a peer to peer technology which operates without a central bank. You must know that a coinloft is recommended for the quickest way to buy bitcoins where no registration is required, only you have to deposit the money in a local branch. You will find to your satisfaction that the commission for the transaction is quite lower. Once you find a reliable website you have to download the related apparatus, then create BTC wallet, then you have to apply the "backup now" option. Next you have to put a phrase for the purpose of recovering the wallet in future. Then you can buy the bitcoins and place your order by clicking the icon "shop now", the moment you click "order now" then number of conditions will appear which you have to read and agree. After making the payment through the wallet you will get the shipping details and the delivery is quite prompt. You get reasonable discount on bulk orders.

This currency has become widely popular because there is no intermediary, the transaction is anonymous ordering process is simple and you get discounts. In the case you Buy steroids with BTC you get a range of products and the payment mode is safe.


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