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Testosterone is a hormone, found in animals and humans, testicles in males and ovaries in females. However, this is more so in men and sees an increase in the time of puberty, playing an important role in a man’s sex drive. However, this hormone is also known to affect other parts of a man’s body like the bone and muscle mass, the storing of fat and even red blood cells.

So, bodies that do not produce the right levels of testosterone can show a number of symptoms that include a low sex drive and facial hair loss, decrease in energy and muscle mass and also a number of mental and emotional symptoms that include depression and irritability. And sometimes even a low sense of wellbeing.

And this is why, on a proper diagnosis, a doctor would recommend a therapy called testosterone therapy, taken under strict guidance and supervision.

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If you are a doctor authorized in directing patients with testosterone replacement therapy, you can visit our site to buy testosterone online. We have different kinds of testosterone for sale that you can check according to your requirement and need.

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However, we also need to understand that testosterone replacement therapy can have its own side effects. And this also includes long term risks that could be irreparable. These can include various symptoms from minor ones like sleep apnea and difficulty in urinating to symptoms like prostate cancer that can prove to be highly fatal.

This makes it inevitable to seek all the medical and other sources of advice that you can before you consider testosterone therapy. Once done, ensure that everything you do and take is under the guidance of a reliable doctor. At the end of the day, remember that testosterone replacement therapy is a serious business and not just something you go ahead for big muscles.

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